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Hot Tub Pumps

The terminology for hot tub motors and pumps can be confusing. To clarify, each hot tub “pump” consists of a motor and a pump component.

The pump is the part containing the impeller and includes the water input and outputs.

The motor is the electrical component that turns the impeller, connected to the pump by a shaft. The pump end contains water and therefore must be sealed around the shaft that connects it to the motor.

This is one potential site of failure in a hot tub motor/pump. If debris gets into the pump it is also possible for the impeller to get jammed or damaged, which is another possible cause of pump failure.

The motor component can also become damaged, often due to moisture or dust getting into the internal parts of the motor.

Did you know? Most hot tub parts and accessories are compatible with all brands.

That’s right, most pumps, heaters, controls, steps, chemical, and other accessories can be used in many different hot tub brands. At the very least, there is usually a part or component available that is compatible with your hot tub brand, often at a lower cost than the original part.

Each Arctic Spas dealer prides themselves on offering great service so if you need a hot tub part or accessory call or visit a dealer near you.

Insider Tip: You Probably Don’t Need A New Pump

Hot tub pump problems can usually be repaired: you probably don’t need a new pump! The two most common problems with hot tub pumps are the seals and the motor.

The seals can be replaced usually for under €100 and the motor can be rebuilt for under €250, often less! Bring your old pump (any brand) to an Arctic Spas retail store and get a free estimate to repair or replace it.

Spa pumps are usually compatible between different hot tub brands. Arctic Spas has the best pump available and it probably works in your hot tub even if it is not an Arctic. Typical hot tub pumps have a high failure rate.

Think carefully before you put the same kind back in your spa! Typical hot tub pumps fail more often because they are internally cooled, allowing moist or dusty air to contaminate the interior components of the pump. The spa pump from Arctic Spas is completely sealed and externally cooled to prevent premature failure.

Looking for a spa heater, jets, or other component? Many spa and hot tub parts are compatible with any brand, so even if your spa is not an Arctic we probably have the part you need.